Opening Ceremony Of Bkwell And Jwell Company’ s Thailand Office


The opening of the Thai office of Bkwell and JWELL was held in Bangkok

On June 21, Bkwell JWELL opened its Thai office in Bangkok. Many thanks to President Zhu Wenwei of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association and other leaders of the Association, as well as president Zheng of the Thai Plastics Enterprises Association and Chairman Ueli of Maag, a strategic partner, and industry friend Zhu Fuhua, mr. Fang Bing Liu, Mr. Wu Jun Chen and other guests came to attend the opening ceremony of Bkwell Jwell Dwell Companys office in Thailand. I hope we can continue to China and Thailand Plastic Industry Better Service, Sawadika!


With the development of China’s economy, China’s plastics industry has also made great progress in recent years. We no longer just accept, digest and absorb advanced materials, processes and equipment from abroad. At the same time, we are also made in China to China to create progress!
The development of the plastic industry is also inseparable from the R & D and Progress of equipment. China Plastics Association sincerely hopes that companies in China’s extrusion equipment industry, represented by jinwei, will continue to catch up with the US and Europe in areas such as plastic recycling and even double granulation, working together towards the Made in China 2025’s goal.
It is hoped that the establishment of the Thailand Office will provide support and help for more Chinese plastics enterprises to face overseas.


Mr. He Haichao, chairman of Jinwei Company, expressed his gratitude to all the guests, friends and staff who attended the opening ceremony of the Office! Thailand is a country with a long history, simple customs and excellent business environment. Jinwei people in Thailand feel the goodwill from the government and the people, by many customers and business support and encouragement. We will adhere to the core concept of “Honesty”, committed to Thailand and Southeast Asia to provide customers with more professional products and services.


There is no end to development, only a new starting point. The establishment of the Thailand office is conducive to further cultivating the Thai market through localized services and shortened response time, expanding into the Southeast Asian market, accelerating the company’s pace of entering the international market, and expanding the incremental market, enhance brand awareness in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

As the third largest plastic consumer market in the ten ASEAN countries, Thailand has a huge market demand and broad prospects for development. Since 2004, JWELL has started the sales and service of screw and extruder in Thailand market. In the future, the Thailand office will continue to create value for customers through technological, service and management innovation with better quality products and more convenient services.

International Exhibition Center in Bangkok, Thailand. Our company brought along a lot of equipment, such as new extruder, Crusher, three-roller Calender, Automatic Hollow Machine, etc. , among them, Bkwell Company has advanced technology full-automatic Hollow Molding Machine on-site demonstration, by virtue of its unique product advantages, as well as in auto parts, packaging, daily necessities, medical and other industries, the key applications, has been widely praised by the vast number of exhibitors.


Bkwell. Jwell Dwell' s office in Thailand

Address:89/11,Enterprise Park,Bangna,Bangkok

Post time: Feb-02-2020