Jwell was founded in 1997, China Plastics Machinery Industry Association vice president unit, plastic extrusion equipment, chemical fiber spinning complete sets of equipment manufacturers.

T-die Series

  • Biaxially Oriented Die

    Biaxially Oriented Die

    The die is crucial part of the biaxially oriented cast sheet, directly decided to cast sheet shape and thickness uniformity. This biaxially oriented casting sheet die adopt coat hanger flow channel design, and equip with professional computer fluid analysis software, Flow channel CFD analysis and optimization, to obtain the best fluid parameters.

  • High-speed Film Coating Die Series

    High-speed Film Coating Die Series

    Jwell Company’s high-speed film coating die adopt T-type thick edge with manual adjustment system to simplify the product width switching operation and online adjusting. Each independent edge adjusting system can minimize the thick edge issues.

  • Hollow Cross Section Plate Die Series

    Hollow Cross Section Plate Die Series

    PC hollow plate used widely in constructions and decorations. The hollow grid plate die and feedblock can make UV protection on both sides. The final production with a max width of 2100mm and have a high impact strengh, good weather resistance and UV protection.

  • Plate Die Series

    Plate Die Series

    The die adopts a typical coat-hanger channel, and adjustable upper die lip, changeable lower lip and perpendicular blocking bar. With ST-model width-control system, the width of products can be changed without interrupting.

  • Sheet Die Series

    Sheet Die Series

    With coat-hanger channel design, adjustable upper die lip, changeable lower die lip and 45°blocking bar, the die is fit for PVC, PS, PP, PE, PC single or multi layer sheet with the thickness of 0.2-5mm.

  • Waterproof Sheet Coil Die Series

    Waterproof Sheet Coil Die Series

    New type of waterproof material have high performance of anti-permeability, water-proofness, thermo-stability and cryogenic property, high strength and elongation and have the characteristic of aging resistance, are widely used for waterproof in building roof of industry and civil construction, underground, tunnel, artificial lake, etc.

  • Slot Die Series

    Slot Die Series

    Slot die can produce very thin and transparent optical coating layer. Meanwhile it can make the coating weight keep the very accurate tolerance range, it is different with the system which the coating fluid wiped on the basematerials, our slot coating die is the die which die lip slot is relatively bigger(it can reach 0.0762mm).

  • Casting Film T-die

    Casting Film T-die

    The die head adopts an extension V shape water-drop type flow channel, with the shunt technology and special triangle stabilize structure. To composite layer and improve the precision of the extrusion process to eliminate ‘M’ shape and ‘W’ shape flow patterns effectively.