Jwell was founded in 1997, China Plastics Machinery Industry Association vice president unit, plastic extrusion equipment, chemical fiber spinning complete sets of equipment manufacturers.

Rollers Series

  • Electromagnetic Heating Roller

    Electromagnetic Heating Roller

    With the wide application of heating roller in various industries, electromagnetic heating roller is replacing heat conduction oil heating roller, so far electromagnetic heating roller is successfully used in laser anti-counterfeiting printing, die stamping, automotive laminated glass composite, composite film production, medical tape, pharmaceutical packaging, non-woven fabric production, aluminum-plastic panel agglutination, synthetic fiber, rubber and plastic calendaring and other industries.

  • Embossing Roller

    Embossing Roller

    Embossing roller is used for surface treatment of plastic sheets and boards like PMMA, PC, PP and etc. Roller surface can be processed into a variety of decorative patterns.

  • Micro-Structure Roller for Optical Film & Sheet

    Micro-Structure Roller for Optical Film & Sheet

    Microstructure roller make the micro structure treat for the roller surface after the copperize, nickelage, to be the height class optics sheet or film which will be the key module parts of the LCD panel.

  • Roller for Bi-Oriented Stretch Film Production Line

    Roller for Bi-Oriented Stretch Film Production Line

    Jwell Machinery Co., Ltd. not only focuses on the design and manufacture of the roller of plastic plate sheet, meets the requirement of the clients, but also supplies the high quality roller for the plastic film business area.

  • Roller For Plastic Plate Sheet Film

    Roller For Plastic Plate Sheet Film

    Roller, especially the mirror roller, is an important integral part of sheet and plate equipments. The rule is that the more smooth and precise of the roller surface, the better products can be produced. We are trying best to gain the smallest tolerance and best roller surface.

  • Rubber Roller

    Rubber Roller

    Rubber roller surface include EDPM (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer), Hypalon, NBR, LSR (Liquid silicone rubber), Solid Silicone,Polyurethane, etc. According to the working conditions, there is the need to be oil resistant and solvent resistant.

  • Super Mirror Roller

    Super Mirror Roller

    Super mirror surface roller is a key part of sheet and plate equipments. The rule is that the more smooth and precise the roller surface, the better the product quality. And, we always strike for the smallest possible surface roughness tolerance to the level of Ra0.005um.

  • Thin-Wall Efficient Roller

    Thin-Wall Efficient Roller

    For the thin-walled high-efficiency roller, the surface shell thickness is only 50%-70% of the standard roller; by reducing the area of the strikes, and enlarging the contact area with cooling water, the thermal conversion efficiency is increased.

  • Chill Roller,Casting Roller

    Chill Roller,Casting Roller

    This product is widely used in master casting forming of BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, BOPS, BOPI biaxial oriented stretching line and longitudinal stretching line.

  • Casting Film Roller

    Casting Film Roller

    JWELL manufactured casting film roller strictly according to European professional manufacturing standards. Several steps of welding and heat treatment process are applied to give ensurance to the overall rigidity and reliability of roller structure.