PVC Medical Film Extrusion Machine

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PVC medical film is widely used: medical PVC material is a blood-compatible polymer. In the practical application of polymer PVC material for medical purposes, many devices must be in contact with blood, such as: various Type of extracorporeal circulation system, interventional treatment system, etc.

The products used are: medical infusion bags, waste liquid bags, hemodialysis (window) bags, breathing masks, etc.

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PVC soft bag is developed overcoming the shortcomings of glass bottles, with good chemical resistance, good temperature resistance performance. Main application: blood bag, urine bag, drainage bag and other fields.

Non-PVC soft infusion bag packaging is developed after glass bottle, plastic bottle and PVC soft bag. It is modified on the basis of PVC. It has the advantages of PVC soft bag and overcomes the disadvantages of PVC soft bag. Non-PVC infusion bag adopts closed infusion, with balanced pressure, and can maintain human body without introducing external air.The circulation of the closed system, to avoid the risk of air pollution, is gradually becoming a infusion packaging trend.Non-PVC soft infusion bag has good temperature resistance, not any seasonal restrictions for transport and also no worry about severe shock to the product during transportation. Since the product has anti-drop characteristics, can be dropped from a certain height, suitable for disaster relief and first aid.

Main technical specification







Products width



Products thickness



Capacity (Max.)




Screw and barrel

Screw and barrel2
Screw and barrel1
Screw and barrel
Screw and barrel3

High quality alloy-steel
1) 38CrMoAlA(JIS SACM645)
2) 42CrMo(JIS SCM440)
3) 9 Cr18MoV
4) SKD11/ SKD61
5) C276
6) GH113

Nitriding treatment
Electroplated hard-chrome finish
Medium-high frequency quenching
Spray bimetallic coating
Vacuum quenching

Screw and barrel5
Screw and barrel6
Screw and barrel4

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