Biomass And Mineral Powder Filled Bio-Plastic Compounding Line

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Typical application as plastic alloy, starch filled compound, bio-mass filled compound or mineral powder filled compound for biodegradable plastics as PLA,PBAT,PBS,PPC , PCL, TPS and PHA etc.

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PLA is the English abbreviation of biodegradable plastic polylactic acid. Polylactic acid is a polymer polymerized with lactic acid as the main raw material. The raw material source is sufficient and can be regenerated, mainly corn, cassava, etc. The production process of polylactic acid is pollution-free, and the product can be biodegradable to realize the circulation in nature. Therefore, it is an ideal green polymer material.

Polylactic acid has good thermal stability, processing temperature of 170 ~ 230 ℃, and good solvent resistance. It can be processed in many ways, such as extrusion, spinning, biaxial stretching and injection blow molding. In addition to biodegradation, the products made of polylactic acid have good biocompatibility, gloss, transparency, hand feel and heat resistance, as well as certain bacterial resistance, flame retardancy and UV resistance. Therefore, they are widely used as packaging materials, fibers and non-woven fabrics. At present, they are mainly used in clothing (underwear, coat) and industry (construction, agriculture, forestry and papermaking) And health care.

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Ecological cycle diagram of polylactic acid

Main technical parameter

Model L/D ratio Speed Motor power Torque level Capacity for reference Typical formula
CJWH-52 40-56 400rpm 55KW 9N.m/cm³ 180kg/hr Bio-plastic+35%
Biomass & mineral powder
CJWH-65 40-56 400rpm 110KW 9N.m/cm³ 360kg/hr
CJWH-75 40-56 400rpm 160KW 9N.m/cm³ 530kg/hr
CJWH-95 40-56 400rpm 355KW 9N.m/cm³ 1100kg/hr
CJWS-52 40-56 400rpm 75KW 11N.m/cm³ 260kg/hr
CJWS-65 40-56 400rpm 132KW 11N.m/cm³ 450kg/hr
CJWS-75 40-56 400rpm 200KW 11N.m/cm³ 680kg/hr
CJWS-95 40-56 400rpm 400KW 11N.m/cm³ 1300kg/hr
CJWS-75plus 44-56 400rpm 250KW 13.5N.m/cm³ 800kg/hr

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  • Q1: I don’t know which one is suitable for me?

    A:Please tell me

    1)Your materialsFor example: PP,PE, PS, ABS, PET, PC etc.

    2)What field (or industry) are your products used in?

    3)The width(mm)of your product.

    4)The thickness(mm)of your product.

    5)The output(kg/h)you need.

    Q2:How long is the delivery date

    A:The normal delivery time of the production line is 3-4 months, and that of special customization is 4-6 months.

    Q3:What is the payment terms?

    A:T/T,L/C,Cash and so on.

    Q4:How about warranty?

    A:In condition that Buyer follows regulations of product preservation and usage, the Seller agree to warranty of 12 months from the date of equipment installation, or 18 months after delivery, whichever comes first.

    Q5Do you have CE document and other document for customs clearance?

    A:Yes,we have original.At first we will show you and after shipment we will give you CE/Packing list/Commercial Invoice/sales contract for customs clearance.

    Q6:I don’t know how to use after I receive or I have problem during use,how to do?

    A:1)After the goods arrive at your factory, contact us to arrange engineers to serve in your factory.Commissioning service includes supervision of installation and start-up, on-site training. The Buyer should offer the transportation, accommodation and food for the engineer(s) of the Seller within the territory of the Buyer’s country. Service charges are free.

    2)If have any problem during use,you need our technician to judge the problem elsewhere will be solved by us. We can provide team viewer/WhatsApp/WeChat/Email/Phone with cam till all of your problems finished.We can also provide Door service if you need.


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